4 Best New Cryptocurrencies – 2018

Cryptocurrency, what is the next Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies are one of the fastest ways to get rich in the modern world.


Why? Because they’re new and they’re chaotic. You can make serious money from chaos.


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Cryptocurrencies are one of the fastest ways to make money online if you know what you’re doing.


So then, what are the best Initial Coin Offerings of 2018? What are the new cryptocurrencies that could turn you into an overnight millionaire. Or close…


It’s still not too late to get these in a wallet, in fact you should. If you’re a cryptocurrency investor looking for the next big thing, then spread a little money across these five new coins and see what happens.


Do not invest more than you can afford to lose, but if a coin really takes off then a few hundred bucks can turn into hundreds of thousands if you hit the jackpot.


So get some of these five cryptocurrencies,


1. Telegram Open Network (TON)

This is an Ethereum-style coin that comes with smart contracts, services and an attached store to use the coin to buy physical and digital products.


Telegram Open Network has big ambitions and is looking to raise roughly $1.6 billion before it even goes public. If you’re a ground floor investor, and it works, this one will make it big.


There’s just one problem, the infrastructure really isn’t built yet and that means you’re taking a gamble.


2. Cointed (CTD)

The Cointed cryptocurrency is linked to ATM machines, so you can get your money out in cash, and there is already a network of ATM machines in Austria.


Now the creators are looking towards international expansion.


It still has to resolve the issue of transfer costs, because cryptocurrency costs can be extortionate and that simply won’t fly with a traditional cashpoint.


Cointed also has to contend with global legislation, which could crack down on cryptocurrencies at any time and effectively mean that cryptocurrencies do turn into a giant Ponzi scheme where the people left holding at the end lose everything.


That’s the real risk with cryptocurrencies, but then we all know that. An exit strategy is essential, although strategy is a polite term for guessing the right time to get out of Dodge.


But if they can fix that particular conundrum, then this could be one of the best new cryptocurrencies to invest in.



3. Kodak Coin


Remember when Kodak used to be a big deal and you had to buy their film? Yes, those days are gone and now the 130-year-old imaging specialist wants to reinvent itself with a Cryptocurrency inked to image rights platform KODAKOne.


It aims to ensure that photographers’ image rights are respected and paid for through the blockchain, which would mean that every blog and web image is indelibly watermarked.


Amateur photographs could be automatically uploaded via a blockchain, too, and automatically tagged for groups, social shares or even to go on sale. This is probably the most viable business.


If the whole world can take photos and videos and put them up on a marketplace in seconds, then maybe this one will have legs.


It’s an interesting slant on image theft and how to deal with intellectual property rights on the web. Will it work? That’s the beauty and the curse of early investing, nobody is 100% sure.


My gut feeling is that it won’t actually work, so make it one of your smaller cryptocurrency investments if you put money into this one.


4. AgroTech Farming (ATF)


This one sounds crazy, but could totally blow up. Pu a few dollars in there and take a flier. If it works, it works big.


Essentially the company has patented tech to grow vegetables indoors and now wants to apply that knowledge to the thriving cannabis industry and also it allows for small-scale production of organic food in confined spaces.


The cryptocurrency is part of an ambitious plan to raise funds and enter the American market.


ATF sounds like a really bad name, to be honest, and they should rethink this one for the USA.


Regularly getting confused with the department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms will probably get annoying for all concerned.

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