3 Secret Social Media Tools That Changed My Life

3 Simple social media tools that changed my life


Are you still reading about Buffer, BuzzSumo and Hootsuite? Then stop right there my friend and take a seat, because I’m about to pull you out the dark ages.


The beauty and the curse of the internet is that most of the information is recycled. That means it can be refined, and improved upon, but it’s still basically the same shiz swilling round and that brings us back to the old IT saying:


“Garbage in = Garbage out.”


Truthfully, most the people handing out advice on social media tools don’t have the first clue what they’re doing and they’re so far behind the curve that they probably still use an AOL dial-up.


That’s why most of the information you read these days is wrong. You should ignore most of the white noise that goes on around marketing.  Anybody that tells you that you shouldn’t automate, that you should do everything manually, should be fired. Immediately.


That’s like walking in the age of the car, or sawing a tree down by hand. You might feel good about your effort, but the guy with the chainsaw is so far ahead he has forgotten about you.


Change your world with the right social media tools


You’re not even a competitor. You’re the bumbling idiot doing it the old-fashioned way.


Don’t be that guy.


Well-meaning simpletons are still proclaiming the end of automation every time a few Twitter accounts get shut down or an Instagram service gets closed off.


Honestly, they’re showing you their ignorance and saving you buying to their BS. AI is coming, automation is literally the buzzword and if you’re not doing it then you’re ignoring a perfectly good lift to take the stairs.


The likes of Neil Patel, generally considered one of the smartest people in online marketing, agree with me.



What Social Media Tools Boost Your Followers?


Right, what tools do I use to add thousands of Facebok, Instagram and Twitter followers every week? how do I make sales on Autopilot and find awesome trending news stories?





1. Content Studio



This was a random buy on JVZoo one late night, but man what an inspirational moment that was. This one tool has rendered most of the others redundant and there’s no monthly fee. It’s a one-off price and it’s less than $50, although you can buy a couple of valuable add-ons. Do it.


Basically, Content Studio replaces Buffer, HootSuite and about six other tools. It does the following:


  1. Schedules and sends social media updates to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and soon, Instagram. Schedule each update to go out up to 30 times, or on constant repeat, and simply send it out hours, days or even weeks apart.
  2. Helps you find trending blog posts, videos, Facebook posts, Tweets and anything else, for the last 24 hours,1 week, month or all-time, based on keywords. So you can find the most popular stories and updates in your niche, instantly, and copy or share them.
  3. Formats every social media post for each medium. You do one and it works across the board.
  4. Suggests hashtags that boost your engagement by at least 10%. Do them once, for everything.
  5. Provides a central blog writer, linked to all my blogs, that means I can post anywhere in minutes.
  6. It will even do it all automatically and post on your blog every day. (I don’t do this)
  7. It will spin content and rewrite it for you, although this is rough.
  8. It can hook up to WordAI or Spin Rewriter and run an infinite number of blogs and social accounts on total autopilot.
  9. The Replug add-on means you can brand other people’s content with a clickable overlay, which is crazy.


ContentStudio does almost everything apart from follow and unfollow people. For finding the best content, that will get shared, and then having it on your site minutes later, you won’t find a better tool.


You can just reblog or share great content on your social channels with a couple of clicks. I use it to post the blog to my site, but then rewrite it manually to avoid Google Penalties. Seriously, you can have 500 words up in five minutes and it means you’ll never be stuck for blog post ideas again.


This one tool makes it a sensational investment, but it’s so much more.


Instagram functionality comes within the next few weeks and it was already my favorite tool before that. Now? It’s off the charts and it’s an absolute must-have.


You can literally set up and test a site in the background, to see if it has legs, before putting in any serious work. I’m doing that now, and it’s blowing my mind to be honest.






2. Mass Planner


This is a monster of a Follow/Unfollow tool that works with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and a few others. 


There’s just one problem, it was too good at its job and now they had to close the doors.


The sad part is it will take an expensive recipe of tools to come close to what MassPlanner can do and I can’t even find all of them.




3. Canva



This is the most work of any of the tools, but the rewards are immense. 


When you use either Stencil or Canva, in combination with Content Studio, you can fire out content all day long and keep it cycling forever.


Visuals work on social media. We know this. So spend a day doing inspirational quotes, or industry phrases, or even jokes. Watermark them, subtly, then load them up on to Content Studio and let them run forever.


Get the pro version once you’ve hit the limit of the free option and learn how to use it. Really learn how to use it and it will provide you with amazing, timeless content, in moments, that serves you for years to come.


You won’t always know where the traffic comes from, where the first touchpoint came from. But if you’ve got stunning images and great quotes, with your social tags and web address on there, then it’s just the way the world works – people will come in the end.


With Content Studio, it works well, and it also integrates with Buffer if you still have that old relic on your desktop.


But if you don’t have the first them you’ll probably want a program that can automatically upload to Instagram and Pinterest. They’re close, but I’ve tried the latest ones and they’re not quite there yet.


Canva provides some of the cheapest leads in the known world, especially when you combine it with these other two tools. Between them, they’ve got your social media covered and you can cancel your expensive subscriptions and ditch the other social media tools.






These three social media tools are really all you need to take your digital footprint to a whole new level. Boost your followers, hammer them with updates and make sure you have the most shareable content in the world when they arrive.


Use this recipe and you’ll be able to start new websites and test them without doing a single thing.


Get them, and watch how they change your life. Then stop by and say thanks when you get a minute!

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